Part of participating in the School District of Waukesha’s and Kettle Moraine’s 4K Programs involves an assessment of the school and classroom environment utilizing the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS). All community partners are evaluated using the same scale.

We are very proud to have attained the following scores as they attest to the attention teachers make in carefully preparing the environment that enhances the children’s learning opportunities.

Montessori School of Waukesha positively scored over 90% in a majority of categories such as:

Space & Furnishings:
•    Indoor space
•    Furnishings for routine care, play & learning
•    Room arrangement for play
•    Space for privacy
•    Space for gross motor play
•    Gross motor equipment

Personal Care Routines:
•    Greeting/Departing
•    Health practices
•    Safety practices

•    Goods and pictures
•    Encouraging children to communicate
•    Using language to develop reasoning skills
•    Informal use of language

•    Fine motor
•    Art
•    Music/Movement
•    Nature/Science
•    Math/Number
•    Use of TV, video and/or computers (limited use)
•    Promoting acceptance of diversity

•    Supervision of gross motor activities
•    General supervision of children
•    Discipline
•    Staff-child interactions
•    Interactions among children

Program Structure:
•    Free play
•    Group time
•    Provisions for children with disabilities