Into Montessori School of Waukesha:
Our primary focus is to place students where they can be most successful.

  • Students aged 20 to 36 months old will be placed in the Pre-Children’s House as a preparation for the transition to the Children’s House classroom.
  • Students aged 3 to 5 years will be placed in one of the Children’s House classrooms based on age, gender and need for Before and/or After Care.
  • Students transferring into the Elementary or Adolescent Program with no prior Montessori experience are introduced into the Montessori classroom very cautiously and are admitted only after a five step process is completed:
  1. Parents tour the facility to discuss the Montessori curriculum and current educational needs
  2. Parents observe in the age appropriate classroom
  3. Parents submit student records from current school
  4. Student visits the classroom for a full day
  5. Faculty, staff and parents discuss whether MSW is the correct environment for the student

Students who are transferring from another Montessori school are asked to have the student file mailed to MSOW as soon as possible.

Out of Montessori School of Waukesha:

We recognize that all students must transition out of MSOW at some point.  Wisconsin State law requires that original student records follow the student.  Parents will need to provide the new school with the MSOW contact information (address or fax number) and ask that they request the student file.  Once we receive the written transfer request from the new destination school, we will mail the file.  We can make copies of the student file for parents, but the originals must go directly to the school.