The Middle School Program builds upon the student’s previous experience in Montessori Children’s House and Montessori Elementary Programs.

As students move into middle school, they enter the “Third Plane of Development” (12-18 years old).  Students in the Montessori School of Waukesha classroom for 12-14 year olds have very unique and identifiable developmental needs different from any other age group.  In Montessori terms, the program’s purpose at this level is the “valorization of the student”.  This is to say, our goal is to help middle school students develop and recognize their personal power.  We provide safe opportunities for the students to use their power with and for the benefit of others.
Design and content of the classroom are very different from classrooms for younger children.  These students have moved from concrete materials in math and language, to abstract work with textbooks, computers and calculators.
The Middle School Program for grades 7 and 8, builds upon the Montessori elementary program.  The rigorous academic program includes work in social sciences, science, geography, language arts, second language and grammar, math, and service programs.  The specialists continue with the instruction of music, art, Spanish, computer instruction and physical education.  The students further develop skills necessary to be successful in competitive high school environments.  Middle School students practice a greater degree of self-reliance, autonomy and community building.  They may also demonstrate leadership capabilities while working with students in Children’s House and Elementary. On occasion, the program requires off-campus opportunities for learning, which may include overnight stays at additional cost.

Tuition & Schedule

Enrollment Information
Enrollment to the Adolescent program is dependent on teacher approval, child readiness, and/or availability. Please contact Michelle Krauska via email or by phone at (262) 547-2545. Please refer to Enrollment & Forms for proper documentation.