The Elementary programs are academically enriched programs that follow Dr. Montessori’s method and philosophy for educating 6-12 year-olds.  She named this stage the  “Second Plane of Development.”

The elementary programs build on the important foundation established in the Montessori Children’s House classrooms.  The core curriculum includes language, math, geometry, botany, zoology, geography and history. Materials continue to be hands-on with a stronger emphasis on group work.  Spanish, music, art and physical education classes are held in the afternoon and computer studies starts in Upper Elementary.  While topics in Children’s House were more concrete and tangible, subjects start to head toward the abstract developing deeper reflection in elementary students.

Occasionally, elementary students may have the opportunity to participate in an off-site, residential environmental education program.  If this program is offered, it replaces all classroom programming for the period of the residential program and is included in the tuition. The Montessori teachers stay with the children during the off-site experience.

Tuition & Schedule

Enrollment Information
Enrollment to the Elementary program is dependent on teacher approval, child readiness, and/or availability. Please contact Michelle Krauska via email or by phone at (262) 547-2545. Please refer to Enrollment & Forms for proper documentation.